RSR EB-5 Regional Centers

RSR EB-5 Regional Centers, a partner company of Switzenbaum & Associates, was established in 2011 and serves to provides clients with the needed “gap financing” in order to complete their capital stack. RSR clients include municipalities/public projects and private developers of HUD insured 221(d)(4) projects.

RSR is the owner of two United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) approved EB-5 (immigrant investor) regional centers: New Jersey EB-5 Regional Center, LLC and Liberty EB-5 Regional Center, LLC. Not limited to Pennsylvania and New Jersey, RSR underwrites and funds loans throughout the United States through corresponding relationships with other approved regional centers.

To date RSR has provided in excess of $38 million in EB-5 funding to projects in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, and North Carolina, and subscribed over 76 immigrant investors.

The 2015 collaboration between RSR, the EB-5 lender, and Switzenbaum & Associates , the project developer, resulted in Sycamore at Tyvola, a 288 unit, class “A” apartment community in Charlotte, North Carolina. The $52 million capital stack was funded by a $10 million secondary mortgage in the form of an EB-5 loan provided by RSR, a $34 million HUD insured 221(d)(4) construction loan, and $8 million in developer equity.

RSR’s Mission

RSR strives to create value for their clients, investors, and company by bringing together foreign investors with American developers in order to provide “gap financing” needed by developers to complete their capital stack. RSR funds municipal and private HUD insured 221(d)(4) projects that will leave a lasting impact and better the community.


Every aspect of the EB-5 fund raising including USCIS approval, overseas marketing, I-526 applications and approvals is carefully managed by the RSR team and our Chinese partners to guarantee a timely success for our clients.


With over 75 years experience in Real Estate financing, RSR understands the borrower’s need to move quickly when arranging financing. That is why our unique process has been designed to meet a borrower’s need for timely response and funding. No committees, no middleman – RSR manages the entire process from start to finish to ensure efficient and timely success.


RSR is built on a strong foundation of over 75 years experience in real estate investment, development and management as evidenced by the company’s ability to approach each investment in a unique and creative way. As a developer and investor, Switzenbaum & Associates is known for quality and innovation, and RSR is no different. Drawing on its history RSR continues to find new ways to mitigate cost, cultivate symbiotic borrower/lender relationships, and structure progressive transactions.

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